How to Measure

Measuring your bust


This is not your bra size, when measuring you must wear a bra. Relax your arms down at the sides. Take the tape across the fullest part of your bust and around your back.

Measuring your waistline


This is the natural waistline, which is also the smallest part of your waist. Typically it's about an inch above your belly button.

Measuring your bottom


Please measure the widest part of your hips, across the hipbone, which is approximately 7 inches below the natural waistline. This measurement is not needed for full gowns.

Measuring your height, from hollow to floor

Hollow to Floor

This is the length from your hollow (the hollow just under your neck) to your heels. Barefooted, stand upright with your feet close together when measuring.

Measuring your inside sleeve

Inside Sleeve

Start the tape in your armpit and measure your straight arm to the wrist.

Measuring your arm width

Arm Width

Relax your arm and measure around the fullest part of the upper arm.