6 Gold Flower Girl Shoes Perfect for Your Modern Wedding

6 Gold Flower Girl Shoes Perfect for Your Modern Wedding

When you're done with picking dresses for your flower girls, it's time to get shoes. It is always important that the shoes are beautiful but also comfortable, so your little girls can cheerfully run around in them. We believe that most are opting for white shoes, but in the last few years, gold has really starting to closing in on white's top spot. The gold color is perfect if you wish to step away from classic look and keep a minimal look. We don't have to tell you how modern, fun and compatible with every other color and material gold is.


Match the cute gold shoes with  ivory flower girl dresses from our collection.



Golden Shoes with Pearls

Gold color and pearls are a classic. If you put those two together, you'll surely get the most gorgeous shoes ever. These sandals will go great with ivory and white dresses. Because of the details like glitter and pearls, it's always nice to find a balance in emphasizing the beauty of them both. And we will achieve that if we pair a simple white lace dress with these shoes. Your girls will look amazing!

gold shoes

Beautiful Gold Shoes (shop here)

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Gold Shoes with Pearls (shop here)

elegant shoes

Dancing Shoes (shop here)


Gold Shoes with a Bow

Are you a fan of classic and traditional, but don't want white at the same time? Then these shoes will be perfect for your flower girls. Very minimal and classic, timeless look. These styles of shoes are great if your flower girl dresses will have a lot of details, they will balance it out. Flower gives these shoes a dose of cuteness and makes them unique at the same time.

gold shoes

Elegant Shoes (shop here)

elegant shoes

Ballet Flat (shop here)


Sequin Sandals (shop here)


Our beautiful collection of tulle flower girl dresses is perfect for your big day! 

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