Adorable Peach Flower Girl Dresses For Rustic Summer Wedding

Rustic-themed weddings are just not coming out of style since most newlyweds opt for this theme. Rustic weddings are usually held outdoors, and when it comes to organizing, it's important to stress that there are a lot of rustic elements to decorate with. Wonder which ones? Absolutely everything you can find in antique shops or at your grandma's house. Edison bulbs, loads of candles, old boxes, lots of flowers...

flower girl

Photo by Cottonbro Flower Girl

As for the colors, warm and at the same time natural are the most used ones. Beige, brown, and peach color. And because of the last one, flower girl dresses in peach color are the first choice. They are very gentle, romantic and they look flawless.


Photo by Anastasiya Vragova Bride and Groom

Lace dresses for a romantic look

Lace is always a great choice for a rustic wedding. These kinds of dresses are romantic and very elegant. If you're not sure which dress, or which style to choose, this is usually an excellent choice. There is definitely something rustic about them. These flower girl dresses are easy to wear and combine with, and the peach color goes great with warm colors. This means that you can combine them with pink, gold, or orange colors. To achieve that rustic look, we recommend a floral crown and cane basket.

lace dress

Princessly Elegant Orgnaza Flower Girl Dress


Princessly Flower Girl Dress with Lace Details


Princessly Ivory Flower Girl Dress with Peach Lining

Tulle for a lavish look

Although the theme is rustic, there is no need to shy away from lavish. Lavish style does not necessarily mean a lot of color and details. If you wish to achieve a rich look from your flower girl dress, then pick the ones made from tulle.

Tulle is a quite simple material, and if used in more layers, then you will achieve a lavish look. Tulle itself looks very romantic and reminds us of ballerinas. And you don't have to worry about whether it will fit into your rustic wedding. gorgeous peach color will take care of that, which is so gentle and subtle, but also quite refreshing and perfect for summer. Tulle in peach color will look amazing. You can combine it with simple leather sandals and put a flower in your flower girl's hair. Just beautiful, right? 

tulle dress

Princessly Flower Girl Dress with Beaded Sash

beautiful dress

Princessly Beautiful Tulle Flower Girl Dress

elegant dress

Princessly Modern Flower Girl Dress

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