Where To Find Plus Size Flower Girl Dresses On A Small Budget?

Every little girl loves to play dressing up and looking good. They want to wear pretty dresses, even if they're wearing them just for a play in the park. So when searching for flower girl dresses, it is important to buy the dress that little girl actually likes, and will confidently wear.

flower girl

 Photo by Chen Lei Flower GIrl

As a bride or parent, you are responsible for what flower girls will look like at the wedding. It's not just about the design, color – it's about little girls' personalities. If the dress doesn't suit the flower girl, it will make her uncomfortable for the whole day, and you don't want that, right?


Nowadays, you can purchase beautiful flower girl dresses pretty much anywhere. But a high-quality dress that is a plus size too, well, that is harder to find. That's why we at Princessly offer a wide range of sizes, and also have an amazing custom size system. All you need to do is measure your flower girl yourself ( if you need a little help, our customer service will gladly walk you through it), send us measurements, and we will make the dress that will fit your flower girl perfectly.


 Photo by Dan Morris Flower girl and bridesmaid

What type of flower girl dress you should pick?

In a traditional wedding, a flower girl's dress should match the bride's. But you don't have to limit yourself from doing so. Now so many brides opt for more modern versions of dresses in colors such as champagne, ivory, or even pastel-colored dresses. Shop according to the season. If the wedding is held in colder months, opt for warm and tick materials. Likewise, if you're planning a summer wedding, opt for airy materials such as cotton or linen.

The length of a girl's dress also plays a major role. Is your flower girl comfortable wearing a long gown? If not, opt for a tea-length dress that is move-friendly.

Here are some of our favorite flower girl dresses from our new 2021 collection. For more choices, check out our shop (we have over 300 dress styles!)


Trendy, neutral, aesthetic wedding color palette of champagne! Browse the whole collection here.


 Princessly Champagne Flower Girl Dresses SHOP HERE

All girls like pink! In these dresses, we are sure your flower girl will feel like a princess.

pink dresses

 Princessly Pink Flower Girl Dresses SHOP HERE

Looking for something elegant and classy? How about royal blue flower girl dresses? Check them out here.

blue dresses

 Princessly Blue Flower Girl Dresses SHOP HERE

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