The Ultimate Guide to Flower Girl Dress Shopping In United States – Trendy Styles, Top Shops and More

The Ultimate Guide to Flower Girl Dress Shopping In United States – Trendy Styles, Top Shops and More

Seeing an adorable flower girl happily parade down the wedding aisle, petals in tow has to be one of the cutest moments of a wedding ceremony. Who wouldn't say ''aww'' to that?  If you too have decided to include a niece or family friend on your big day, there are a few things to think about before picking their sweet outfit!

From fabric, colors, length, and price… shopping for a flower girl dress is not an easy feat. That's why we bring you the ultimate flower girl dress shopping guide. We'll talk about must-known rules for picking dresses, trendy styles, and the best places to shop in the United States.

1. Flower Girl Dress Don't Have to Match to the Brides

We have heard and seen this question so many times – ''Does a flower girl dress need to be white?''. And the answer quite simply is no: flower girl dresses don't have to match the brides, and don't have to be white. While flower girls are an old tradition that goes back centuries, the importance of their role and duties has changed over time.

flower girl dress

Sweet Girl in White Dress with flowers [photo: Gerald Friedrich]

2. But… Make Sure They Match Your Wedding Theme

Your sweet little girls deserve just as sweet flower girl dresses but make sure they match your wedding theme. So, if you are having a traditional wedding, pick the dresses that will suit the formality and the feel of the ceremony. White or ivory dresses, lace or tulle dresses, long sleeves or cap sleeves, these styles will go perfectly with a traditional theme. Likewise, if you are having a modern ' Parisian' themed wedding opt for romantic flower girl dresses in colors such as blush pink, blue, or peach.

3. Is the Dress Fabric Important?

Yes! Yes! Yes! If you want a happy girl with a huge smile on her face on your big day, you need to make sure she's wearing a comfortable dress. Organza and chiffon are the most popular fabrics for flower girl dresses, but also the most comfortable and versatile. They will look good at any type of wedding.

flower girl dress shopping

Cute Girls in White Dresses [photo: Ron Lach]

4. Length of the Flower Girl Dress

Keep in mind that most flower girls are toddlers, and the last thing you what is they tripping while walking down the aisle, right? It is just not worth the risk. That is why tea-length dresses and knee-length dresses are perfect choices. But if your flower girl is a bit older, you can choose a long dress.

5. When You Should Order Flower Girl Dresses?

Timing is crucial, right? When it comes to shopping for a dream wedding dress for your bridal party goal is to order it six to eight months prior to the big day. But this rule does not apply to flower girl dresses. Since kids really grow so fast, it is always great to shop flower girl dress closer to the date of the wedding party ( one or two months before the bridal party).

flower girl in tulle dress

Adorable Little Girl in Tulle Dress [photo: Carsten Vollrath]

6. Are Flower Girl Dresses Expensive?

Usually not, and you can find them under $100. But if you opt for a designer flower girl dress the price can go up to $500.  That is why we always recommend shopping online. The online stores often have amazing deals and coupon codes, so you can get stunning little gowns for your wedding party for a half of the price.

7. Who Pays for the Flower Girl Dress?

The dress is traditionally paid for by the flower girl's parents, but this is not the rule. In some situations, the bride and groom decide to pay, or occasionally a grandparent.

flower girls in purple dresses

Cute Girls in Sweet Dresses [photo: Pamula REEVES-BARKER]

8. Top Flower Girl Dress Trends in 2023

Looking for a fashion-forward look for your sweet girls? We are currently seeing an increase in modern almost whimsical styles, such as three-dimensional embellishments, voluminous skirts, statement sleeves, dresses with feathers, or even with wings. We are sure your tiny one will feel like princess in these trendy designs.


Where to Shop Flower Girl Dress in the United States?


Are you wondering where to shop for flower girl dresses in the United States? Not just any flower girl dresses, but the unique and fun ones from the best designers? Great! Here's our list of the best flower girl dress stores in the United States – from New York to Los Angeles, Alabama to Denver. Whether you want an affordable classic white dress for your little girl or something fun and sparkly, we've got you covered!

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