One Ivory Flower Girl Dress Styled 3 Different Ways

Photo by our customer Beautiful Flower Girl


Styling one flower girl dress in three ways – is it possible?! Of course, it is! What we love about fashion is that there is never one way to wear a dress. Every dress can be easily transformed into a completely different look, all you need is to be creative and have fun. Don't believe us?! Here are perfect examples of our customers wearing the same dress in three different ways. From simple and classic looks to modern and bohemian, scroll down for some inspiration and cuteness overload.


Few words about the dress...

These adorable flower girls are wearing our best-selling ivory dress made of tulle and lace. The dress features a very elegant, yet modern style. Beautiful lace bodice and thin beaded belt at the waist adds a bit of vintage charm, while the layers of fluffy tulle add a fun flair to this dress.


flower girl dress



We have total heart eyes over this flower girl look! Ivory dresses are super easy to combine, especially for a rustic, country wedding, and a picture of this little flower girl proves that. All you need is a basket, flowers in your flower girl's hair, and cowboy boots.


flower girl

Photo by our customer Flower girl in our ivory dress



You absolutely can't go wrong with the traditional style. These adorable flower girls wear our dress design in the most charming and elegant way. A simple floral headband and white sandals were enough to complete the look.


flower girls

Photo by our customer Cute flower girls in Princessly dresses



Pssst! Don't tell the bride, but we think this flower girl totally steals the show in our ivory flower girl dress. This flower girl look is the perfect example of what we meant when we said to be creative. The little girl is wearing a beautiful lush floral crown and matching floral sash, which perfectly rounds up the whole look.


boho dress

Photo by our customer Adorable flower girl


For the brides looking for this dress in a colored version, we have great news for you. We're also offering this design of dress, but with peach pink lining. Yay! Check it out here

flower girl dress

Princessly Flower Girl Dress with Peach Pink Lining

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