Red Flower Girl Dresses For A Romantic Valentine’s Day Wedding

Red Flower Girl Dresses For A Romantic Valentine's Day Wedding

Photo by Ksenia Chernaya Flower Girl in Red Dress


The day celebrated throughout the world by those who are in love has come! Valentine's Day! The day when couples express their love to each other and celebrate it with giving lots of attention to their partner. There is a theory that Valentine's Day dates all the way back to Ancient Rome. Believe it or not, even the notorious King Henry the VIII declared Valentine's Day a holiday. This special day is the most common for getting engaged and married. And why not? Is there a better day to say "yes" to your loved one? Along with wedding dresses, brides need to take care of a lot of things, including flower girl dresses. We suggest red ones, is there a more suitable color for Valentine's Day? Certainly not!




Tulle is a very delicate material and you need to be careful in order to properly maintain it. But as with other delicate things, tulle is really worth the effort. This material gives lavishness to dresses, makes them elegant, and gives beauty to your movement. Perfect material for special occasions, and also perfect for little girl dresses. It usually looks even better when combined with other materials, especially lace.


red dress

Princessly Halter Neck Flower Girl Dress



Princessly Red Lace Flower Girl Dress



 Princessly Velvet Flower Girl Dress



Bows are a perfect accessory for dresses. And there is a very long history of that. This decorative element makes every dress special. Bows are usually used to decorate the waist, and in that way they emphasize it. But, they can also be seen on the shoulder, or as a decoration on the lower part of the dress.


red dress

Princessly Flower Girl Dress with Gold Details


Princessly Flower Girl Dress with Cute Bows

velvet dress

Princessly Red Dress with Little Bows





For achieving a balance, designers most often combine materials and colors to create an effect that will leave everyone speechless. Materials like satin look great on their own, but if we add tulle or lace to it, then we'll get a truly special dress. A combination of white and black can be frequently seen on a lot of red dresses. The reason is to highlight the dress even more. And let's not forget the glitter. This addition looks really great on dresses, and your flower girls will be thrilled. If you're a fan of minimalism, don't shy away from these combinations, trust us, they look phenomenal. 



Princessly Satin Dress with Lace Details


Princessly Polka-Dot Flower Girl Dress


Princessly Dress with Red Details

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