The Best Wedding Dresses For A City Hall Wedding

Photo by Jenna Norman Bride and Groom, San Francisco City Hal


If anything this year has taught us it's to adapt to situations, especially when it comes to wedding planning and the wedding itself. It's becoming more popular for couples to have an intimate, small wedding ceremony, leaving all the stress that came along with planning and COVID-19 restrictions. But we have to say, there is something beautiful about having a small wedding. You are among your dearest people, family, and friends who love you, with who you can spend more quality time. And you will also feel calmer and stress-free knowing you will not break your budget.



How To Get Married At City Hall


Choose a City Hall. If you are getting married in the United States, check out New York City Halland San Francisco City Hall- both are breathtaking! Here is the list of the prettiest City Halls in the United States.

  • Get the marriage license(Research for the requirements, costs, etc.)
  • Make an appointment
  • Invite your Family and Friends
  • Capture the wedding on the film



    Photo by Sony Panicker San Francisco City Hall


    What To Wear


    What we love about City Hall weddings is that you can dress whatever you want. You can opt for a traditional wedding dress, short wedding dress or maybe a suit or jumpsuit. You can also ditch the white color and go for something bold like red, pink, or even black. The important rule is that you feel beautiful in it.

    To help you a little with your search, we've rounded up the most beautiful gowns from our wedding dress collection perfect for City Hall weddings. Best of all, they are mostly under $130. So not only you will look stunning in it, but also save a lot of $$$. Browse down and find THE ONE!


    wedding dress

    Princessly Tulle Wedding Dress, Price: $129

    blue dress

    Princessly Royal Blue Dress, Price: $139

    satin dress

    Princessly Satin Two Piece Set, Price $129

    boho dress

    Princessly Lace Wedding Dress, Price: $129

    wedding dress

    Princessly Tea Length Wedding Dress, Price: $129

    tulle dress

    Princessly Tulle Short Wedding Dress, Price: $100.28

    lace dress

    Princessly Off Shoulder Wedding Dress, Price: $139

    navy dress

    Princessly Navy Dress, Price: $119

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