What To Do With Your Wedding Dress After the Big Day?

What To Do With Your Wedding Dress After the Big Day?

You have exchanged the vows with your better half in the most gorgeous dress that you have imagined. You felt like a princess that day. Now, when all the emotions are settled, and the thrill of wearing a dress is replaced with worry and questions like; '' What to do with a wedding dress? Should I store it away? Should I sell it? ''

Well, today we're giving you answers to these questions. And try to help you out in that decision process. We have done the work, researched for you, and find so many new and super cool ways to reuse, repurpose and store your wedding dress. Trust us, you'll be amazed!



Are you a nostalgic person who wants to keep a wedding dress as a memento of that special day or pass it on in the future? Hey, that's perfectly fine. The act of passing down something that special to another family member or maybe your kid is a beautiful tradition that can be continued for generations.

Search for a professional dry cleaner that specializes in wedding dress preservation. Look on forums and check out the reviews. Keep in mind that the average wedding dress preservation costs from $200 all the way up to $700, so it's a significant expense.

If you want to do this by yourself, check out this step by step guide on how to preserve your wedding dress.

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Wedding Dress [photo: Jonathan Borba]



Are you a crafty person? Yes?! Then how about turning your wedding gown into a beautiful work of art? You can create quilt, pillows, scarf, christening gown for your baby, christmas ornaments... the options are endless. Here are some great DIY ideas that you might wanna check out. 

Many brides also opt for framing their wedding dress and hanging them as a beautiful statement piece in their home. Companies like Outrageous Framing will help you with that.



If you're not a person who gets too emotionally attached to an item, maybe selling a wedding dress is the right step for you. You can earn up to 70% of the sale price of your dress, and spend that extra cash on your honeymoon ( just an idea! ). All you need to do is list your wedding dress on sites such as Nearly Newlywed or Preowned Wedding Dresses (they make the process super easy) and wait for thousands of brides to see it, and eventually buy it.

  • At what price should you sell your wedding gown?
Make sure you sell your dress as soon as your wedding day is over – you will have a greater chance of selling, especially if it's a part of some designer collection. If the dress is in great condition and less than three years old, charge 50% of the retail price. If your wedding dress is a bit older and in not so good condition, knock off a further 20% off. If your gown is by designers like Vera Wang, Monique Lhullier, Elie Saab, then charge 60-70% of the retail price.
Beautiful Bride [photo: Olya Kobruseva]


Why not donate your wedding dress to a charity? Helping bride-to-be in need is such a beautiful gesture. Not only you will feel good about yourself, but it will also make you feel more grateful too.

Here is the list of donation sites that will accept wedding dress donations:

  • Brides Across America – a non-profit organization that donates wedding gowns to military and first responders. Check them out here
  • Wish Upon A Wedding –  donate your wedding gown to this organization and help couples facing serious illness or life-altering health circumstances to celebrate their big day. 
  • Brides for Cause-  donate your wedding dress to Brides for Cause and help raise funds for a variety of women-focused charities. Check them out here
  • Angel Gowns – a program that supports families who lost a baby.The donated wedding gowns are converted into perfectly made garments that a family uses to wrap their baby in for their final journey. Take a look at their website here for more information.


    Who said that you can't alter your wedding dress into a great cocktail dress?! We have seen so many brides do this, and it looked amazing. You can repurpose your wedding dress into a fun party dress that you can rewear for a one year anniversary. Be creative, play with length, colors. Check out Pinterest for some DIY ideas.

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    Alter your wedding dress [photo: Gustavo Fring]



    Have a friend who is on a really tight budget and can't afford the wedding dress of her dreams? If you know she loved your dress, and you're similar in size, how about providing her something borrowed, and offer her your wedding dress? She will definitely cherish this sweet gesture. And you will be able to see how your wedding dress will bring a smile to one more bride's face.



    This is definitely not for all brides, especially the traditional ones. If you still haven't heard about this trend '' Trash the dress'', prepare to be amazed! It is totally different approach to ''keeping your wedding gown'', it's about ruining it. Yep, ruining it! But in a fun, unique and creative way. Capturing this moment often takes place on a beach, lakes, waterfalls, muddy fields, even rooftops and garbage dumps. And the results are stunning, memorable photos! Check out Instagram, and Pinterest for ''trash the dress'' photoshoot inspiration.

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     'Trash the Wedding Dress' Photoshoot [photo: Connery Davoodian]


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