12 A-Line Flower Girl Dresses with Bows Perfect for Spring Wedding

12 A-Line Flower Girl Dresses with Bows Perfect for Spring Wedding

There is nothing cuter than an adorable flower girl walking down the aisle, throwing petals, in a dress with a cute pink bow. Right? The bow is the only accessory that will never go out of style. They add an extraordinary touch of cuteness to any dress, so no wonder so many brides opt for these kind of dresses. You can place it in front, at the back or the side, and the bow will completely transform even the simplest dress to romantic, chic, statement piece. If you're having a traditional wedding, pick a satin white dress with blue bow. Likewise, if you are throwing a laid-back rustic themed wedding, opt for cotton or lace flower girl dresses. When choosing a flower girl dress it is important that the dress fit to the theme of the wedding and be comfortable to wear all day.

We have picked top 12 adorable flower girl dresses with bows that will suit any kind of ceremony. Keep scrolling to see what made the cut.


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With Pink Bows

Pretty little girl in pink! Your flower girl will have the time of her life at your wedding if she is wearing these kind of dresses! If the wedding is held in summer, opt for lightweight  dresses, your flower girl will not only look cute in them, but will be comfortable too. And if it is held in spring or fall, pick tulle dresses. They look super cute, and are perfect for elegant and the traditional type of wedding.

How adorable is this dress? It remind us of the Princess Charlotte's dress that she wore on her aunt Pippa Middleton's wedding. Made of soft linen fabric with stunning tie back detail, this type of dress is perfect for spring or summer wedding. Complete the look with flower crown made from gypsophila and cute little baskets filled with flower pentals.

dress with bow

Dress With Pink Bow  [photo: Antoinette Paris]

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If you are planning an elegant Parisian-inspired wedding, tulle dress will be a  perfect choice. Not only this dress looks super cute, but elegant and chic too. Your flower girl will love it! Make sure you match the color of the sash with bridesmaid dresses.

flower girl

Tulle Dress  [photo: Ewa Platek Kids Fashion Etsy]

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Linen And Cotton Dresess

Flower girl should feel comfortable in the dress she's wearing. So make sure to avoid itchy fabrics, and choose breathable, high quality materials such as linen and cotton. If you think these types of dresses are too boring and simple, check out this dress!

Made from beautiful lightweight fabric with cute sleeves with ruffled hem and huge bow on the back, this dress is the perfect staple for warmer months! All you need is a pair of cute sandals and gorgeous lush floral crown. 

maxi flower girl dress

Cute Linen Dress  [photo: Instagram @marinasmoda_]

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We are in love with this flower girl dress! It will fit into any wedding theme – rustic, country, bohemian or beach. Complete the look with basket and cute sandals. Dress is by the brand Little Alice London.

cotton flower girl dress

Swiss Dot Dress [photo: Instagram @littlealicelondon]

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Vintage style is definitely having a moment when it comes to flower girl dresses. From floor length silhouettes, to cascading ruffles, and vintage rose pattern, these dresses will leave everyone speechless. They are perfect for any season and any wedding theme.

This dreamy vintage-inspired dress is perfect for your little fairies! It features cute ruffle sleeves and romantic butterfly bow on the back. The dress is by the brand Charlotte sy Dimby that actually made Princess Charlotte's dress - amazing, right?

vintage flower girl dress

Gorgeous Vintage- Inspired dress by Charlotte sy Dimby [photo: www.charlottesydimby.com ]

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If you're searching for a beautiful and unique flower girl dress, something that will stand out, then this dress is perfect for you. Beautiful print, little bit of lace and a cute little bow on the back. Round up the whole look with a little hat and white sandals.

flower girl dress

Vintage - Inspired Dress [photo: Instagram @nosinvalentina]

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Bohemian trend has been quite popular in the last few years. Those who love  relaxed lifestyle, simple and cheerful fashion usually prefer bohemian weddings. Simplicity and leisure is what perfectly describes this fashion style. And these flower girl dresses are just that. Relaxed, playful and cheerful.

Most commonly used materials are lace, cotton and flax which greatly contribute to the whole "cute, but wearable" look. This makes girls relaxed and ready to dance and play. Accessories are also simple, functional and frequently adorned with field flowers. 

This dress is so adorable! It features 3/4 sleeves with lace trim, and cute little bow. The dress is by the brand Dulce Lindo Boutique.

boho flower girl dress

Beautiful Flower Girl [photo: Dulce Lindo Boutique]

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Dresses can sometimes have details like ruffles, fringes, floral patterns, oversized sleeves, halternecks, even pom-poms. We can have a waist bow made from a floral print material in various colors and designs. Everything is allowed with bohemian style. This dress comes in beautiful blue color which gives it a vintage look. It has a  bow around the waist. A truly gorgeous bohemian dress. Just put some flowers in your girl's hair and she will be ready to go.

blue flower girl dress

Blue Dress [photo: mini-boho.com]

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Like bohemian, rustic weddings are also very popular. Newlyweds love them because of their simplicity, relaxed approach and warm and pleasant atmosphere.  They are frequently held in old factories, barns and in the open as well.  Lot of candles, lights and wood make the space more romantic. Color palette with this weddings is predominantly neutral. Gentle colors, flowers and old furniture really contribute to this look.

When it comes to flower girl dresses, flax is most common material used, which is understandable because it gives a rustic and vintage look, and lace which looks better every year. This combination of materials looks romantic and timeless. A-line dresses are perfect for this theme, and paired with a waist bow made of lace in neutral color will look amazing and also romantic. Whole dress is made of lace, and with combination of waist bow and shoes in the same color will look perfect.  

flower girl

Cute Dress [photo: stylemepretty]

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This dress comes in beautiful  ivory color, perfect for rustic look. Combination of lace and simple tulle fabric gives it a romantic feel. Bow is in the same color at the back, and in the front it has a flower of the same color. Minimal, romantic and cute, don't you agree?

lace flower girl dress

Flower Girl [photo: trishscully.com/]

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Satin is a fabric frequently associated with elegant and formal. Because of that, it fits perfectly into more elegant and refined weddings. With satin, we often opt for simple and classic cuts, Like the A-line. Waist bows are also quite often made from the same material. This dresses are best combined with simple accessories.

These dresses are pure perfection! With beautiful details, such as lace sleeves and bodice and satin bow at the back, we are sure your flower girls will look super elegant and chic.

flower girl dress

White Dresses [photo: Instagram rever KIDS]

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Looking for something minimal? How about this dress? It looks elegant and sophisticated and it's perfect for twirling on the dance floor.

flower girl dress satin

Elegant Pink Flower Girl Dress By Kimberly Phillips Clothier [photo: Kimberly Phillips Clothier]

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