6 Breathtaking Flower Girl Shoes For Your Elegant Wedding

6 Breathtaking Flower Girl Shoes For Your Elegant Wedding

Although the dress is the centerpoint of flower girl outfit, we mustn't forget about the shoes. They are equally important, and it is a shame that they are oftenly just an afterthought. But, trust us, they are important just as the dress. We could say that they are the piece that makes the whole outfit. As with adults, shoes are not only vital when it comes to protecting our feet and making them warm and comfortable, but also with development of the whole clothing combination. Just chaning the shoes will make your combination look completely different. So, what shoes to pick out for your elegant wedding? Check out below.


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Glitter Shoes

Glitter shoes are not only fun and glamourous, they also bring a touch of light and shine. They look very beautiful and elegant which makes them perfect for weddings. A big plus is that the little girls adore them. Misdress offers a huge selection of glitter shoes. Within their collection you can find glitter shoes with details that make them really special. Details like bows, low heels or flowers will make a huge difference and make them to stand out. With elegant weddings it is essential to opt for a nice but simple dress so the shoes can come to the fore.


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silver flower girl shoes

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Pearls On Shoes

We all know how special pearls are. We oftenly use them in occasions with elegance as the main theme. Pearls have always been a symbol of sophistication and because of that, they re perfect for elegant weddings. In the last few years, pearls have not been reserved for jewelry only, we can see them on accessories and footwear, too. And for that reason, we picked out 3 pairs of shoes adorned with pearls that, in our humble opinion, look absolutely gorgeous. They go great with modern, minimal or timeless look, it all depends on which direction will your weding theme go. Modern shoes are not only decorated with pearls, they also have other elements like flowers or golden pearls. Minimal and timeless are decorated with only a few pearls or a pearl ribbon, but it makes a difference nontheless.


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Minimalism is quite popular lately, not only in interior design but with shoe design as well. And because of that, we decided to put minimal, but very elegant shoes on our list. And they can come in handy too. Especially when you pick dresses with many details or with print for your flower girls. In that case, you should opt for minimal shoes. That means clean colors, simple design and very few to none details. These shoes are super cute and elegant at the same time. They can combine with absolutely everything and will complement every dress in the best way possible.

We suggest ivory color which is very subtle and simple and can fit on any style of dress. If your not up for ivory, then go with gold. Gold is beautiful, and like ivory, it will go great with every style.


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