9 Ivory Lace Flower Girl Dresses For Fall Wedding

9 Ivory Lace Flower Girl Dresses For Fall Wedding

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More and more brides are opting for autumn weddings! And we can see why! Pleasant temperatures, lavish warm colors, everything seems more magical, don't you think? You don't even need that many accessories, nature are giving them to us. Colorful leaves, cones, flowers in more darker shades...Simply beautiful. When it comes to picking out flower girl lace dresses, we really have a wide choice. We can go for more thicker materials, dark, warm colors, but this time we will going to talk about classics. Ivory lace dresses are the perfect choice. Lace is romantic as the autumn and ivory fits more into colder weather than white color. It is also easy to combine with and look more gentle and natural.


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Long Sleeve Dresses 

Long sleeve dresses are great for fall. We are never sure what kind of weather are we going to have in this season, so if you're living in a somewhat colder place, it's always good to be prepared. Lace, as always, looks perfect, but what makes it extra special this time are the subtle accessories. Like beads around the neck, satin bows around the waist or 3d flowers. A lot of future brides are worried that they will have a wedding, dress and flower girl dresses like everybody else. Trust us, ivory lace dress can be so unique and special that it will totally win you over. Long sleeve dresses can be combined with basically anything. Pantyhose, open or closed shoes and even boots can come into consideration.

ivory lace dress

Ivory Lace Dress with Long Sleeves [shop here]

Lace dress

 Ivory Tulle Flower Girl Dress with Lace Bodice [shop here]


Tulle dress

Cute Tulle Dress with Pink Bow  [shop here]


V Back Dresses

Unusual, right? But unique, special and beautiful nontheless. These dresses are not oftenly seen on flower girls. And we would say that that's a pity. Beautiful lace is beautifully accented on these dresses, with their closed front with very few details, but the back on these dresses tell a really beautiful story. Decorated with bows, some are strictly minimal and some are completely romantic. These dresses will fit right into any wedding. Just picture your lottle flower girls with red flower bouquets walking on piles of colorful leaves. Choose simple shoes and big bohemian flower wreaths made from, of course, seasonal flowers.

beautiful dress

 Elegant Lace Dress with Big Bow [shop here]


Short sleeves dress

 Flower Girl Dress with Navy Blue Belt [shop here]


tulle and lace dress

Beautiful Tulle Flower Girl Dress [shop here]


Cap Sleeve Dresses

If you're not a fan of long sleeves but would love to have them in some form, we recommend cap sleeves. These are very elegant sleeves, beautifully made to add something special to dresses. We can oftenly see them on special ocassion dresses because of their elegant look. They are usualy made in A cut which is looks great on little girls. They are a perfect choice for autumn weddings, especially when in ivory color. Lace dresses have a big advantage here because lace seamlessly blends into cap sleeves which looks super adorable. These dresses are perfect for warm autumn weather, combine them with pretty sandals, even white legginsand flower bouquets.


 Elegant Flower Girl Dress with Beading [shop here]


flower girl dress

 Flower Girl Dress with Sweetheart Neckline [shop here]


cap sleeves dress

 Super Cute Tulle Flower Girl Dress [shop here]


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