Dos And Don’ts When Buying A Flower Girl Dress

Dos And Don'ts When Buying A Flower Girl Dress

Photo by Vladimir Vasiliev Bride and Flower Girl


Searching for a perfect flower girl dress in which your little girl will feel and look amazing?! Then you are at the right place. Here is everything you'll need to know before shopping – from perfect flower girl dress length, materials, dress styles, and places to shop.


Don't: Buy a Floor-length Dress for a Toddler

We know, floor-length dresses look really magical, especially on little girls. And they will probably love them too. But when it comes to toddlers, these types of dresses are synonymous with the trip and slip hazard. So opt for floor-length dresses for older girls, and go for knee-length dresses for toddlers.

Here are our favorite knee-length dresses from our collection:


Princessly Knee-length Flower Girl Dresses


Do: Shop According To Seasons

For example, if the wedding is held during the warmer months, opt for cotton or linen dresses that are super breathable, airy, and lightweight. Likewise, if the wedding is held during winter, opt for velvet dresses which will keep your little girl warm and comfy.

Here are beautiful cotton dresses from our collection perfect for a beach wedding:

cotton dress

Princessly Cotton Flower Girl Dresses


Don't: Forget to Ask Your Little Girl for Opinion

She might be little, but she knows what she wants. Ask your flower girl for her opinion and respect her preferences, in that way your little girl will be feeling more confident and also have fun in the whole dress picking process.

Check out our beautiful ivory flower girl dresses, perfect for any wedding theme:

white dress

Princessly Ivory Flower Girl Dresses


Do: Shop Flower Girl Dresses Online

Shop online! You really don't need to visit stores in real life to find the perfect flower girl dress. Online shopping is totally changing the bridal game. Not only you'll have more choices, but you can also find unique dresses at affordable prices. 

At Princessly, we offer over 300 different dress styles, from traditional ivory dresses to modern blush pink dresses with 3D flowers.

pink dress

Princessly Blush Pink Flower Girl Dresses


Don't: Opt for Itchy, Uncomfortable Material

Avoid materials that will make your flower girl uncomfortable, at the end, she will wear this outfit for a few hours. You want her to feel and look good on your big day.


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